Decommission & Certified Destruction

Safe, secure, fast decommission and certified destruction

Many people believe that formatting a hard drive or disc eradicates all data on that disc, this is not the case. With today’s sophisticated software it is quite easy to recover all of the information previously held on a formatted disc, the only way to totally erase this data is to stamp out the magnetic signature by over writing it many times with more data or to physically destroy the media.


All equipment received by us has its data totally destroyed by the devices being shredded and crushed. Paperwork is provided confirming this work has been carried out. The Bluekong service ensures;


  • Quick and simple IT equipment decommission and destruction from any global location
  • We can destroy your computer hard drives giving you totally secure data destruction
  • Certified destruction up to approved MOD, NHS, Local and regional Government standards.

Bluekong Networks

Bluekong Networks are a global provider of dedicated technical on site and remote services.

With a dedicated team of over 270 Network and IT engineers carefully spread out over 70 countries to date, we offer a cost effective, quick turnaround and time saving offering, which allows our customers specific technical resource for any Ad-hoc install requests, mass site project deployments / upgrades or SLA driven support services across multiple countries.

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